We have a range of SEO Training options for you. We hold semi regular training sessions in Essex, or can come to your premises.

Our SEO training course targets companies, web developers and seo consultants looking to both improve their own website rankings and search engine visibility within organic search engine results, and other peoples websites. The training also covers in-depth the factors that contribute to achieving success in search engine optimisation. We include keyword research and strategies, competitor analyses, on-page and off-page optimisation and link building techniques.

We also show examples of good and bad seo websites and link building. There is also a question and answer session.

SEO Training Overview:-

  • Understanding what search engines want –
  • Constructing a website for SEO – Internal linking, sitemaps, content and more.
  • Backlink strategy – The best way of constructing backlinks to your website, explaining where to get links and where to link to.
  • SEO Tools needed– The best software and website services to use enabling efficient backlinking work and competitor analyses.
  • Social networking for SEO – Learn how Twitter and Facebook can be vehicles for marketing your brand online.

SEO Training Workshops

We hold regular seo training events with limited class sizes. In a friendly environment we will give a full days training supplying all necessary materials and with a complete support service.

Coming to your premises

We can come to you if you have a training room or similar area that is suitable. We supply a full days training and supply training materials and a full back up support afterwards.

SEO Training Videos

If you would like to learn some basic seo, please watch our free seo training videos.

 SEO Training Programme

Marketing Your Website

  • Organic SEO, pay per click or both

Search Engines

  • Undestanding how Search engines work
  • Sitemap creation and submission
  • Google Places and Google Base

 SEO Planning

  • Keyword selection and long tail phrases
  • Psychology of user search behaviour and user journeys
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Set up web analytics and reports

On-page Optimisation

  • Page content and meta content (tiles, description etc.)
  • Using H1,H2,H3 tags properly
  • Correct search engine friendly Web design

Off-page Optimisation – Link building

  • Link quantity and quality
  • Diverse Link building techniques
  • Local Directory submissions

Attendees SEO Knowledge

It would be beneficial if attendees have a basic understanding search engine optimisation. We can provide a basic training sheet to read prior to attending our SEO training

Training Venue

Our SEO training courses are held in Chelmsford Essex

Included in the Course

Attendees will each receive a USB drive containing all documents, website links and resources plus a certificate of attendance. Refreshments are served both morning and afternoon along with a buffet lunch.

For availability and pricing details or any other questions please contact us.

Train in the art of SEO

If you want seo work carried out internally or would like to understand the intricate nature of how search engines work, compile data and rank websites then you have a number of ways to achieve this.

You can train by doing research online. The problem with this approach is the number of conflicting messages you will get from different places. A great start would be to read our seo tutorial which covers all the basics of seo.

Attending an seo training course

If you want the hands on approach being taught at your premises or a location near you, then check out our seo training course. This will not only teach you about seo, but also provides all the training material and back up services for questions that will inevitably come up after finishing.

You can then put some of the practises you have learned into practise on your website and start seeing the results in as little as a few days.